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Support Person

The complainant and respondent both have the opportunity to bring a person of their choice to any meeting related to a disciplinary matter associated with the University Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct.  The following information provides a short summary of the role of a support person during the investigation and resolution process.

  • A support person may not advocate for a party like an attorney would in court. In other words, the support person does not serve as an advocate or representative of a party and may not be actively involved in any of the proceedings.
  • A complainant or respondent may use a different support person at various stages in the process.
  • A support person must keep confidential the information shared during meetings and throughout the investigation and resolution process.
  • In matters involving multiple complainants or respondents, the support person cannot be another complainant or respondent.
  • The support person cannot also be a witness in the matter under investigation.
  • To protect the integrity of the investigation and resolution process, the University of Chicago reserves the right to excuse from any meeting or other proceeding a support person who is discovered to be a witness with information about facts material to the complaint.
  • The University of Chicago reserves the right to dismiss a support person who is disruptive or who does not adhere to the limitations outlined to the support person.
  • The University of Chicago’s policy prohibits retaliation against any individuals filing a complaint of this nature or participating in the investigation of the complaint. A support person is protected by and subject to this retaliation prohibition. A support person may not retaliate against any person participating in the process. Any support person who feels they have been retaliated against for participating in the process should contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students.
  • In an effort to provide additional support resources for both complainants and respondents, the Univesity has created a pool of trained faculty, other academic appointees, and staff to serve as suport people during these aforementioned matters for both complainants and respondents upon request.