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Support Services & Resources

The Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct, which is published within the Student Manual, contains an appendix that lists support services and resources. The list includes legal, disciplinary and medical support services, such as Student Health and Counseling Services and UCPD, as well as resources specifically for students or faculty and staff. It also includes on-campus and non-University resources.

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs is responsible for Title IX compliance, including providing support and resources for students. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students is Shea Wolfe. She can be reached by email or by phone at 773.702.0438. Please contact Shea to raise concerns, receive information regarding University policy and processes, or to request support/resources (including academic, housing, financial, or other accommodations). Reporting an incident to the Title IX Coordinator(s) is private, and does not mean the person who experienced the incident somehow loses control of the process. The Title IX Coordinator(s) informs individuals of options regarding accommodations, interim measures, and the University’s disciplinary process. Individuals can choose not to move forward with the University’s disciplinary process, but still receive support services. In some instances the Title IX Coordinator(s) may need to move forward with an investigation based on information already received. If this happens the student will be notified. For additional information, please see the student information sheet.