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Time Limits

Unlike the State of Illinois, the University does not impose a time limit (i.e., a statute of limitations) after which it will not consider formal complaints of sexual misconduct.  Though this is the case, timely filing typically allows access to the most useful and relevant recent recollections and evidence, and facilitates more prompt resolution.  Delays also hinder the University’s ability to respond promptly and effectively, impedes the University’s ability to summon witnesses, assess evidence, and, if appropriate, adjudicate claims and impose remedies. Furthermore, if the respondent is no longer affiliated with the University at the time of the complaint, it is unlikely the University will be able to summon the respondent or take disciplinary action against that person.  

However, regardless of when a report is made, the University will take reasonable steps to understand the facts, assess whether the respondent poses a present or ongoing risk of safety to the University community, and will take reasonable measures necessary to mitigate a safety risk.